Continuing Education

Professional development is required to maintain the Louisiana PG License. Fifteen (15) hours of professional development are required for the annual renewal of a PG license, with one of those hours in the area of Professional Ethics. Please keep records of your professional development activities, and document having completed short courses and/or attended relevant technical presentation sessions at professional meetings pertaining to geoscience, e.g. GCAGS, AAPG, AIPG, GSA, Shale EnviroSafe Conference, etc. These professional development activities should maintain, enhance, or expand the PG licensee’s skills and knowledge relevant to geoscience.

Nearly endless possibilities to acquire professional development hours exist. With one (1) ethics and twelve (12) professional society meetings, Louisiana licensed professional geoscientists only need an additional two (2) hours to fill the annual quota. Licensees should go to conventions/seminars/courses to learn something, not just to get credits to meet that quota. Professional geoscientists should acquire as much learning experience as possible to better themselves in the profession. LBOPG does not preapprove courses. Acceptance is only reviewed after submission for credits. Extra hours can be carried over for up to three (3) years, so build up a surplus early in case your first choice is rejected. Continuing Education Logs will be audited periodically.

Click here to download our Continuing Education Log Template. - Please note the instructions at the bottom of the document. 

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